Marathon xN

Multi-camera high-speed video monitoring / surveillance / inspection / 3D reconstruction up to 8 cameras @ 750 fps (640x480) - up to 36 cameras at lower resolution

Your quality control system reports a faulty part. Something must have happened, at some point in the process. Recording times of several hours or even days, at e.g. 750 images per second are just perfect for most tasks.

Using the marathon Xn you can easily locate, analyse, and resolve problems with randomly occurring failures and follow your items on their way through the different steps of the manufacturing process.

This allows you to optimize your production process, and to increase your output.

Scale up your vision

The marathon Xn system allows to set up systems from one to 36 cameras. The maximum number of synchronously operating cameras depends on the resolution and the frame rate of the cameras. Xn supports hundreds of camera models.

Marathon 750 LT continuous recording high speed camera system

750 frames per second at 640*480. Just a notebook, a 30 mm camera cube and 1 cable. 2 hours recording time with a notebook, 40 minutes with a tablet.

Perfect for troubleshooting / service / inspection

Imagine having everything at a glance that happened in the last hour. Using the marathon 750 LT you can easily locate, analyze, and resolve randomly occurring errors or you can optimize your production process.


  • Trigger input on camera for ring buffer or othere triggered recording modes
  • recording time can be changed : 20 min, 50 min.
  • Micro PC and big touch displyay on a service cart for even longer recording time or multiple sync cameras to view your process from different angles


  • Sensor size (H x V pixels): 1280 x 1024
  • Extremely light-sensitive 1/2” CMOS sensor , monochrome or color
  • Lens mount: c-mount
  • 200 frames per second (fps) @ full resolution (1280 x 1024)
  • 750 frames per second (fps) @ (640 x 480)
  • up to 3000 fps at lower resolution

recording unit

  • Notebook or tablet computer
  • max. 2 hours recording time @ full fps and full resolution
  • Screw down - USB3. One 5m cable only for data and power. (solutions up to 100m available)


Megapixel 2000 fps - High resolution cameras

A new dimension of highspeed video - Record for minutes, hours or even days with instant availability

Speed Max. Resolution Megapixel Connection Lower resolution example Framerate at lower resolution example <-- Max cable length
1.981 1280*860 1.1 CXP 640*480 6.168 not yet tested
1.050 1280*1024 1.3 CXP approx. 4.000
30 m
900 1920*1080 2 (Full HD) CXP 1920*480 1.888 30 m
540 1696*1710 3 CXP 1280*1024 / 640*480 1.160 / 4.390 50 m
500 2304*1720 4 CXP 2304*476 1.813 30 m
500 1280*1024 1.3 2 cameras! CL 640*480 1.922 30 m
188 4080*3072 12 CXP 4096*480 1012 7m or fiber
72 5120*5120 25 CXP 5120*476 702 30 m

When high frame rates and high- resolution must be combined with long recording times or the video data must be available directly after recording, Marathon Ultra should be your choice. Recording times range from minutes to several days.


The system can be based on various technologies, such as data center storage or industrial grade PCs. RAID 5 and high reliability server hard disks guarantee maximum data availability and safety.


View recordings in the integrated viewer or export them to AVI files / bitmap sequences on internal or external storage media. Use Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to quickly connect the system to data storage in your company network.

Example configuration

  • Color- or B/W-sensor
  • Sensor size (H x V pixels): 1,280 x 860
  • 1980 frames per second at full resolution
  • By reducing the resolution (AOI), higher frame rates are possible
  • Small service cart mounted computer, touch display and accessories with 1 hour recording time.
  • Lens mount: F-Mount or C-mount